Bellissima Bride Issue 8 August 12, 2016 15:14

We are so excited to share some spread sheets from Bellissima Bride. It is a great honor to have one of our items featured in this magazine. A beautiful customer of ours purchased a brown dreamcatcher headband from us and modeled it in this bohemian bride photo shoot. We take pride in our handmade dreamcatcher headbands and it brings us joy to see them become a part of such an amazing collaboration. Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible.

Photo Credits & Vendors
Photographer: Camarie McBride IG: @camariemcbride
Model: Monica Jazmine IG: @jazzygirl2u
Styling: Monica Jazmine IG: @jazzygirlmakeup
Hair: Trina Vigil IG: @makeupbytreevg
Set Designer: Carmen Morin IG: @carmennavarrodesigns
Props: Teresa & Randy Webb IG: @ricketyswank